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Setting up the offline GPS map and itinerary

I'll provide you with excellent service and everything you need to have one of the best days of your vacation. Top quality ebikes, GPS map and itinerary for your phone, a phone holder for the ebike, bike panniers for your wine and any support you may need to ensure you have an unforgetable experience.


Top quality Dutch E-Bike with panniers


Our e-bikes

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E-Bikes Florence specialise in self guided e-bike tours of Florence and the quiet country roads in the surrounding Tuscan countryside. With castles, vineyards, forests, olive groves and rustic village restaurants, we've created some fantastic routes and itineraries, packed with authentic Italian experiecnes for you to enjoy. We provide you with everything you need; a GPS map for your phone, a phone holder for the ebike, bike bags

Bike rental Florence Piazalle Michelangelo

for your equipment and any support you may need along the way, from fixing a flat tyre to organising wine tastings or making restaurant reservations. If you're not familliar with E-Bikes, they are just like a standard pushbike, but with a fully controllable motor that provides as much assistance as you decide, for cruising up hills and through the countryside with ease. These bikes can make it feel like you're doing no work at all, so you can absorb yourself in the beauty of Italy, under the Tuscan sun.

Florence Bike Rental Vineyard Tour
Florence Bike Rental Vineyard Tour
Florence Bike Rental Vineyard Tour cycling in Fiesole, Tuscany
Florence Bike Rental Vineyard Tour cycling in Fiesole, Tuscany

It's been a real challenge starting my first business, but a whole load of amazing TripAdvisor reviews (link up top), from a whole load of really amazing people (thank you very much) have kept

I'm John from E-Bikes Florence. I started E-Bikes Florence in the summer of 2017, after moving to Italy from Scotland the year before. I spent my days in a small village called Avaglio in the mountians near Pistoia on what was intended to be a year's sabbatical, taking some time to exercise and make music in the beautiful landscape of rural Tuscany. As you know Italy has captured the hearts of many others before me, and like a lot of them, I also decided to make Italy my new home.

The idea for ebikes came from my last job in Edinburgh where we had e-bikes for the staff to get around. We were all amazed at how easy it was to cycle through the hilly city of Edinburgh and I realised that this would be the perfect, accessible way for people visiting Florence to get out there and experience more of what Tuscany has to offer in a clean and healthy way.

Bike Rental Florence Electric Bike Tours

me going. So here we are in 2019, with a bit of an updated website and some newly created, genuinely fantastic experiences that I'm excited to be sharing with more awesome people this year.

GPS Route and phone holder for the bike 

Helmet, locks 3rd party insurance

Breakdown assistance

The e-bikes themselves are great fun and really easy to use, making the experience of cycling in Tuscany really accessible! It's just like riding a bike, but you have an electric motor to do the work for you. There is also a controller with 6 settings, so you can decide how much assistance the motor provides, from zero to very nearly full assistance. 

Helmets, locks, phone holder and panniers are included in the rental.

Child seats available (for 1-6 year olds)

Our ebikes are quality Dutch electric bikes by Brinckers

florence bike rental

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